Primary features and specifications

  • Hydraulic Broomer is equipped with a hydraulic motor and robust steel pipe structure.
  • Dust Collection is on the left hand side.
  • Sweeping is adjustable easily.
  • Brush shaft length is 2750mm.
  • Brush material – Nylon Bristles.
Mode of OperationCan be operated by towing with a Tractor or Jeep
Dust CollectionLeft Hand Side
Sweeping Width2 Metre Clear Sweeping
Sweeping AdjustmentCan be adjusted on both sides according to the slope of the road
Brush AdjustmentBrush can be adjusted up to 100mm as per requirement
Wheel TypeTwo Heavy Duty wheels
Material of BrushNylon Bristles
Suitability of UtilizationSuitable for:
1) Metaling
2) Wet Mixed Macadam Surface
3) Asphalted Road Surface

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